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The future of work for nurses is here.

Nurses Expect More

The modern nurse expects flexibility, predictability, and autonomy in their role. Health systems have to adapt their processes to meet these expectations.

Nurses' needs are personal

Blanket retention strategies do not work. Health systems must get to know their nurses and customize each nurse’s experience to meet individual needs.

Schedules drive satisfaction

Scheduling is a key driver of job satisfaction for nurses. Health systems need more operational agility to accommodate work-life needs.

Nurses Expect More.

Amid a hyper-competitive labor market, health systems attract and retain nurses by fostering flexible and predictable work environments. M7 is built to make this ideal an operational reality.

Nurses’ needs are personal

M7’s platform enables health systems to get to know their nurses like never before. With this knowledge, we match nurses with shifts and career opportunities (within their health systems) that best align with their personal needs and professional goals.

Built by nurses for nurses

Schedules drive satisfaction

We’re starting by rethinking nurse scheduling - the foundation of a nurse’s job experience. While most view schedule balancing as a tedious administrative task, we view it as a powerful window into nurses’ preferences and an opportunity for greater efficiency.

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